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Munazara and Argumentation Ethics Research Center

Adab in Dialogue: Developing Argumentative Virtues in a Divided World

This project aims to

(1)initiate a conversation among the scholars experienced in the study of Adab-al Bahth w-al Munazara (ABM) and those in the contemporary normative and virtue approaches to argumentation,

(2)study an informed selection of the primary sources on ABM – with a focus on the 17th or 18th centuries – through the lens of contemporary issues in argumentation theory,

(3)produce the first pieces of a ‘Munazara Library’, which the ArguMunazara seeks to follow up and develop as a larger initiative.

Project team: Önder Küçükural; Mehmet Ali Üzelgün; Rahmi Oruç; Danish Naeem; Merve Aktar; Karim Sadek; Recep Şentürk

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